Best Ways To Beat The Stress


Ways To Beat The Stress

Are you stressed out?

Yes. Well, I am, your boss might be, and your neighbor, well he or she might be as well. Your colleagues, your best friend, your sister and your kids too, everybody is stressed out.

Millions of people out there share the psychological and physical symptoms which you feel on a daily basis. Our 21st-century modern lifestyle has done that to us. The success and money market where we buy opportunities at the cost of our peace has indebted us with stress. The dark tunnel of competition in which we are running has led us to the jive of stress. And now about three-quarters of us are stuck, slowly submerging into it, some slowly while the others faster.

But, what is the solution?

Isn’t there anything that can possibly pull us out of the jive? Well, there are a lot of them. And we will be disclosing a few of them, some sure-shot ways to beat the stress.

Get Hold Of The Treadmill

When your pulse starts quickening and your heart starts running, just run with it on a treadmill and soon you’ll defeat it in the race. Exercise has been considered as one of the sure-shot ways to beat stress. Whether you work out at the gym or play tennis or just swim in the waves, every form of exercise will boost your mood. The lighter one will give lighter pleasure and the intense ones will offer more.

Exercise is found to release certain brain chemicals, called endorphins which relieve stress. So get set and run to the gym or hit the stress off the boundary with your racket or bat.


While the first one was a slightly ferocious way to beat the stress, here is a calmer version of it. When your brain starts racing, just sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the race. Breathe and breathe and very soon, your brain will be tamed. Meditation is by far one of the best ways to beat stress. Whether you practice deep breathing or want to struggle out other complex forms of meditation, you will get relief. Meditation lowers down the stress hormones and normalizes your pulse and heart rate, thereby inducing a feeling of peace.

 Let Music Crush It

India has a history of singers lighting lamps and bringing rain through the power of music. And today, the world believes that. Music has always been associated with peace and serenity. Psychologically too, music has been proven as an effective way to beat stress. Music calms you down and relaxes your mind thereby inducing calmness and peace, especially slow music. But if you don’t like the softer tones, just play the music of your choice and it will have the same effect. So, don’t fret. Just grab your headphones, close your eyes and de-stress yourself.

Get Hold Of Your Hobby

While running after success like berserk beasts, most of us have forgotten our passion and hobbies. All the writers, guitarists, and dancers today work as machines running 9 to 5. And what do we get in return? Stress. And what is the best way to beat that stress? Well, it’s easy. Just bring that artist, singer, or writer which you submerged to the forefront and it will beat away your stress. Write a poem, sing a song, cook your favorite dish, complete your pending novel or just dance it out. And your stress? Well, it will run away for sure.

Just Cling On To The People You Love

The best medicine a human can have is a human. We all are social beings and socializing is what we ought to do. Just talk out your worries and issues with the people you love and you are halfway through the battle. The mere feeling of having somebody who loves you and understands you beat away the stress. Join your friends for a cup of coffee, lie down on your mother’s lap, cook dinner with your spouse or paint the scenery with your kids. Simple things like this are more effective than other ways to beat stress.

Coping with stress is not a bed of roses. As the saying goes “It’s better said than done.” Chronic stress can wear you down physically and drain you mentally. It can take a toll on your emotional and personal being. But where there is a will, there is away. And only you can find that way. Different remedies work for different people. So, you will have to find your best way to beat the stress is. Just find it out and get going and you shall overcome someday.



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