Role Of A Father In Her Daughter’s Life


Role Of A Father In Her Daughter’s Life

This is the most appreciated topic for many years. Father…Father….Father?

Father is someone who loves their children more than his life altruistically. He loves his children equally but somehow daughters are more close to a father’s heart. Daughters are proud of their fathers. Father-Daughter’s is the only pure and selfless relationship. These days daughters do not trust any other man than her father because every second man is a hypocrite who considers women his an asset. The daughter knows no one loves them unreservedly except his or her father.

A few important aspects which help in building a strong bond between father and daughter are:


Time is an important constituent to build any kind of relationship. A true relation does not require anything except time. No matter how busy a person is, he will make time if he wants to. Father’s time is very essential for daughters because the father is the only one who can teach his daughters the basic ethics of her life and also guide the ethical approach towards life. Fathers little effort for his princess can make her feel complete in the world in the following ways:

  • Attending her life’s special event
  • Support in her crucial time
  • Most importantly to support her decision.


In the twenty-first century, women are not lesser than any men. Even women like Rani Laxmi Bai, Mother Teresa, Kalpana Chawla, and many others have listed their names in superwomen. This could be only possible if their father has supported them because nothing can be possible without their father’s support. Behind every triumphant daughter, it is the father who trusted her without being petrified of societal norms. Daughters require parents say, mother, and father support and guidance to accomplish her goal but she is totally relying on her father in every testing phase of life. A wonderful man is one who treats his daughter and his daughter’s mother with dignity and care.


Father is the role model for every daughter in the world. Daughters feel proud when they receive an accolade related to their father. The way home is nothing without a mother, the way life is nothing without a father. Father helps their daughters in accomplishing their dream. Father always stands with their daughter even if he has to stand against society for her dream. He inspires her daughter since childhood to do what is right. There is a very common quote that “Daughter is not tension, they are equal to Ten Sons”. These days father wants their daughters to study more than their son in order to make their daughter self-independent.


Father is the only living creature who has the power to sacrifice. They sacrifice their lifestyle in order to give luxurious lives to their children. They sacrifice their dream in order to fulfill their child’s dreams. Children’s dreams become their own dream. Father is the richest person in the world because they have the power to fulfill your demand even if he had nothing with/for him. Sacrificing is another name of the father. These days every man yearning to have a daughter as a child. Though in earlier times, people only want the boy to be instinctive as their child.

The tough moment in every father’s life

Men are believed to be so strong that nothing can affect them. This is not completely true. There is a moment in every father’s life when their world completely changes upside down and this is the moment when the father has to separate his daughter from himself after her marriage. This is a moment of moan for every father because daughters are their princesses and when no one was there for his princess, he was by her side but now she needs to take care of everything. Now, a little angel becomes a responsible woman who has to sacrifice for her in-laws. Father has to heavy his heart to do this ritual of daughters’ marriage. When a daughter is small, the father takes care of her but when the father is old, the daughter cares about her father. God bless with daughters to lucky people because they are as precious as life.

“Son is the son till he gets a wife

Daughter is the daughter till the end of life”


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