Simple Tricks To Grow Hair Faster


Simple Tricks To Grow Hair Faster

Hair is an important constituent of beauty. These days people are very concerned about their hair which results in damaged hair and excessive hair fall. As a known fact the more we are concerned about something, the more it results in damage. One of the big causes behind this is the lack of a proper nourishing diet. Hairs are lifeless. The more they fall, the more they grow. Hair is like a thread that is available on essential parts of the body except for the sole of feet, lips, palm, and many more. Hair requires proper protein to grow at a rapid pace i.e., protein-like keratin. Hair grows with the help of cells i.e., follicles. There are 4-5 million follicles available on the human body where a lack of follicles are on the scalp and millions of follicles on the body.

Tricks and tips to grow hair faster

There are several ways to grow hair faster. But each of the ways has its own pros and cons, so every measure should be taken care of. If it could result in growing hair faster, then it might have a negative impact which results in excessive hair fall. Excessive hair fall is the major problem of today’s generation. Some result in baldness, especially in boys, due to which they have to face many personal problems.


Diet plays an important role in every aspect of life whether related to weight loss or hair growth. The intake of proper food at the proper time is essential in order to grow hair. Scalps require proper nourishment which results in growing hair and nourishment of the scalp is possible with proper intake of protein diet. Consumption of fruits, dry fruits, and highly rich protein food is the best diet plan one can adopt. Hair grows with proper time i.e., 3-4 months. Junk food should be completely eliminated from the diet as today’s people are more likely to consume junk food rather than protein ones.

Trim Regularly

Trimming of hair every 3-4 months is as essential as any other factor adopted in hair growth. No woman or lady can look elegant with long hair with split ends. Hence splitting not only damages the hair but also degrades the beauty. So, for healthy hair growth, it is necessary to trim the hair regularly according to one’s growth. As per the known fact, hair grows from the roots not from the ends, so some people have a misconception that to grow long hair trimming is not significant. This may result in weak follicles. Thus, leading to damaged hair. So it is essential to trim the hair regularly.


The way hydration is necessary for skin in a similar manner, our scalp also requires the nutriment for good hair growth. Oiling not only nourishes our scalp but also relaxes our muscles which release stress. The stress-less environment is good for everything similarly it results in tremendous hair growth. Oil helps to stimulate our hair growth when it is applied to our scalp. Hot oil treatment is also an important way to encourage new growth. Besides this oil must be massaged into the scalp with the pads of your finger. This process should be repeated once a week before rinsing the hair. One should avoid scented oils as they do not provide any kind of nutriment and may also lead to hair fall.


Exercise plays an important role in hair growth. Due to exercise, our dead hair follicles open up which results in new and better hair growth. Sweating from exercise not only clears the skin but also extends our hair length. We should avoid frequent hair wash as it could lead to heavy hair fall. Exercise opens up the nerves which relax our mind and if our mind is relaxed it could provide us with the best and desired result in order to lengthen our hair. Regular exercise can decrease the tenure of hair growth. So regular exercise is highly beneficial as that of other factors in growing hair.

Avoid Heating Tools

Heat damages your locks from cuticle to tip. That’s why it’s best to stay away from hot tools as much as possible. This includes blow dryers, flat irons, curling iron, and many more. These tools might help in styling the hair but on the other hand, they equally damage the hair. Though some people use a heat protector on their hairs before using heating elements then the hair gets damaged.


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